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Inside Kinetic Kloset

Take a Look at our CEO

Shanel K. Thomas has a fierce passion for fashion and improving the consumer buying experience. Shanel has always had a dream to own her own retail store, build a socially integrated app in order to help consumers build a diverse closet of fashion. and have a fun discovery process to find new items they loved.


Her long standing expertise in the fashion industry and retail sector makes her a uniquely suited person to design and launch an app that will change the way consumers connect with garments and fashion icons.


From the very beginning, Shanel had an intense interest in fashion. She loved to create her own designs and experiment with different textiles and patterns. Her plan had been to become a fashion designer until sports snagged her attention. Shanel earned a Bachelors at the University of Houston in Sociology and a minor in Political Science built on her Associate in Arts to create a well-rounded and educated individual.


Once Shanel was introduced to the world of business, she knew that her journey would lead her back to fashion in ways she never dreamed. Following that revelation and her success in retail, she knew that she wanted to improve the consumer experience and create connections between fashion icons, designers, and everyday consumers through social media.

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